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Cocktails and Recipes by Ben Beckett

Cocktails and Recipes by Ben Beckett

With 23 years old and more than 45K Instagram followers, Ben @the.cocktails.i.make is a bartender and mixologist in the UK. Today he will share his life story with us and how he got into the mixology world. He also surprised us with 3 exclusive recipes. 

Tell us about your story.


I was born in Oxford, but my parents wanted to live in a warmer place, so when I was 4, we moved to Albatera, a little town in Spain. My parents bought a land with a house literally falling apart. Along the years they have rebuilt it from scratch and turned it into a beautiful villa.

I couldn´t have asked for a better childhood. I loved the sunny days at the beach and enjoyed the family barbecues by the pool. I felt like paradise. A great time to remember.

Four years ago I left my family behind and moved with my fiancé to UK to find work. 

How did you start with mixology?


That is a crazy story. More than 3 years ago I was working at a wedding venue and we needed more people as it was a busy time. So, our boss called a guy he used to work with. There was something mysterious about this guy. He was very cool and charming. Later that day, this guy called me at the bar and handed me a drink in a martini glass with a slice of passion fruit floating on top. Looking back now, I know it was a "Pornstar Martini", but at that time, I had absolutely no idea. But it worked. It was the best drink I have ever had and I was completely hooked! That gentleman introduced me to the amazing world of Mixology and now I wanted to explore it.

"Never be afraid of trying new things out"
- Ben Beckett

Exclusive Recipes

1. Tropical Blue Lagoon

An easy-to-prepare drink, perfect to enjoy the evening and relax after a long working day.

 tropical blue lagoon


1½oz (45ml) of destilHERO Cupuaçu
1/2oz (15m) of Curaçao Blue
1/2oz (15ml) of Lemon Juice
Churn and cap with crushed ice
Garnish with 2 Maraschino Cherries and an Orange wedge.

2. Pornstar Hero

For the most demanding tastes. A remarkable and modern drink to enjoy the evenings with friends in great style. 



1½oz (45ml) of destilHERO Cupuaçu
1½oz (45ml) Pineapple Juice
3/4oz (20ml) of homemade Passionfruit Syrup
3/4oz (20ml) of Passoa
1/2oz (15ml) of Lime Juice
1/2oz (15ml) of Monin Caramel Syrup 
Shake and double strain.
Garnish with ½ Passionfruit.

3. Amazon Untamed

A tropical masterpiece. Light, fresh and exotic. Its flavour gives you the feeling of being in a paradisiacal beach. 


1¾oz (50ml) destilHERO Cupuaçu
2oz (60ml) Pineapple Juice
1oz (30ml) of Coconut Rum Cream
3/4oz (20ml) Lime Juice
1/2oz (15ml) of Coconut Syrup
Build, Churn, Cap with Crushed ice
Garnish with a Pineapple wedge dehydrated Lime wheel and Pineapple leaves
Drink through a Bamboo straw.

Stay tunned!

We will come with more recipes anytime soon!
Any questions or suggestions? Please contact us :)

 If you wanna follow Ben´s incredible journey into mixology, check his Instagram @the.cocktails.i.make.

Thank you @laurenburfield for the nice pictures!


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