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Our story

Founder of our company, Ely, is originally from Brazil. By a chance encounter, he met his partner in Rio while she was travelling with some friends. He couldn’t get this Polish woman out of his mind so he decided to uproot his life and spend some time with her in Poland. Inspired by the local vodka he was tasting and driven to find a new hobby to keep his spirits up during the cold winter months, Ely started distilling his own liquor. He wanted it to be the centrepiece of his friendships, a reason to gather with friends, form bonds and share stories.

As friendships grew and relationships formed, Ely invited some of his closest Polish friends on a trip of a lifetime to visit his homeland and explore the Amazon around the time he and his wife were about to get married. Armed with a bottle of his home batched liquor in hand they headed on an adventure that would change Ely’s life forever. Not only was he about to marry the love of his life but little did he know he was about to discover the secret ingredients that would form his future business.

Deep in the Amazon Rainforest, Ely and his close Polish friends encountered a wondrous night with an Indian tribe. As an offering to the Shaman (spiritual leader) of the tribe, Ely gave them a bottle of his home-distilled vodka. In return, the Shaman presented the group with a drink filled with special fruits and roots from the jungle. This ancient drink connects them with the “spirits of the forest”, bringing wisdom, harmony, and happiness.

Wanting to merge the two cultures, Ely proposed that they mix the drink of the tribe with a dash of vodka. To his amazement, the Shaman happily agreed. It was at this moment that destilHERO was established. Overwhelmed by the flavours and complexity of the drink that they had spontaneously created, Ely knew he was onto something more. He wanted to remember this night forever and bring the flavours back to his new home in Europe.

Through much trials, Ely found the perfect combination for his flagship product with destilHERO, incorporating the cupuaçu fruits of his homeland with a little bit of “magic from the tropics”, as he describes it, he proudly launched his first creation to the European market, bringing a new flavour that many Europeans have never experienced before.

destilHERO is distilled to bring friends together, to share stories and open up a whole new world of spirits that can be enjoyed slowly or shotted throughout an evening.

Click HERE to discover a brand new and exotic flavour, direct from the tropics!


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