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Spix's Macaw and its return from extinction

The problem

Brazil is destilHERO´s homeland and it needs our help!

Unfortunately, this huge country also faces huge challenges to keep its environment safe.

Have you ever seen a movie called "Rio"?

Remember the main character, that beautiful blue parrot called "Blu"? 
It is a Spix's Macaw and the bad news is that it is considered extinct from the wild since 20 years!

The solution

The good news are that we are here to help and support the Spix's Macaw return from extinction!

Thank to ACTP, this became possible! These guys are working hard to bring and to reestablish the species back to the place it belong, the Brazilian Caatinga.

How to help

If you are a destilHERO´s fan and buy our products, be sure you are also helping to to bring the Spix´s Macaw back to where they belong to.

We are donating a percentage per sold bottle + a fix monthly fee to support this project.

Please use the code SPIXSMACAW at the checkout to receive a 5% discount and help us to make this word a better place!

You can place your order by clicking HERE

The Project in details

If you want to learn the project in details, please click the image below and you will be redirected to their page.

We will post soon more info about our donations and the progress of the project.

Stay Tunned!


destilHERO´s team      

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