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Cupuaçu Premium Liqueur

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The rare cupuaçu fruit from the rainforest now as a liqueur.

We bring the unknown tropical taste of the cupuaçu fruit from the Brazilian rainforest directly to your table. Special people demand a special drink.

For Connoisseurs.

At first, you feel the refreshing and fruity taste of cupuaçu, followed by light notes of melon, pineapple and even chocolate for some.

“Refreshingly fruity, subtle sweetness and acidity, a harmonious composition." -Michael H. (customer from Baden-Württemberg)

Soft and mild finish.

destilHERO is distilled 6x for higher purity and filtered 5x for a very soft and mild finish.

“Schnapps that even my wife likes" -Nico R. (customer from Brandenburg).



  • 1x destilHERO Cupuaçu Premium Liqueur

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