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Beauty and the Jungle

The Amazon Rainforest spreads through 9 countries in Latin America and has 15 times the size of Germany. When you think about the Amazon Rainforest, a few things comes to mind, like the deep Jungle, wild animals, endless rivers and even lost cities.

In this interview, Hemylle Montefusco (@hemymontefusco), a beaultiful amazonian girl who loves nature and photography, will share with us a little bit about her life, passions and placed you should not miss when visiting the Amazon.

Stand up Paddle in Amazonia

What is your story?

I was born and raised in Envira, a small city in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest. It is pretty far from everywhere. Manaus, the capital of the Amazon State is at about 1200km in a straight line, and it is only possible to get there by boat or plane. Envira´s economy is based on fishing and agriculture and it has the best açaí in the world. But due the lack of work possibilities, I moved to Manaus when I was 16. I currently study psychology and work for the government. My family still lives in Envira.



What is your biggest dream?

My biggest dream is to be able to live from Photography. I would love to travel around the globe, photographing new places and getting to know new people.

What do you like doing the most?

I love to be in connection with the nature in its all aspects. To walk a trail to reach a waterfall in the jungle, to spend a day in the beach, to hike a mountain or simply enjoying a sunset on the river. To be able to live those moments is what fulfills me and sets my mind free.


One special thing about the Amazon?

The Amazon itself. The green, the wild life, the rivers, caves and waterfalls. The vast Amazonian cuisine is really delicious and healthy. The folk music and the culture is also very special. In general, you can only realize how big and powerful the Amazon is if you come and see it by yourself. 


Any places you would recommend?

The eco-tourism is the best way to learn about the forest and the need of preserving it for the next generations. I would definitely recommend:

Presidente Figueiredo:
This city is known as "Cupuaçu Land" and has even a yearly festival called "Festa do Cupuaçu". It also has several jungle tours, waterfalls and caves. It is worth it if you are interested in exploring the jungle.

Novo Airão:
It is a city surrounded by the forest. The Anavilhanas  archipelago is a must see with its more than 400 islands on the river.

Alter do Chão (State of Pará):
Known as The Caribbean of the Amazon, it has nice river beaches, and local "carimbó parties".


Any message you want to leave for our readers?

We should never forget our essence, our connection with the nature. We depend on it to survive and it is up to us to make the necessary efforts to protect and preserve it.

If you wanna know more about Hemy just check her instagram: @hemymontefusco.


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