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Marajó Island - between river and sea

Marajó Island - between river and sea

Marajó is the largest island of the Marajó Archipelago - the largest fluvial-maritime archipelago on Earth, having about 2.500 islands. It is located at the delta of the Amazon River and Pará River, in Brazil.

Marajó is famous for "Pororoca" tidal wave (google it if you have never heard of it!) and it has the largest population of the water buffalo in Brazil. It is also well-known for the pottery found by archeological excavations, showing the Island was also home to an old and sophisticated civilization which is dated at about 1000 years before Brazil was even discovered by the Portuguese. Mystery goes on, since some researchers say this society had much more in common with the civilization from Andes, like the Incas, than with the Brazilian native tribes.

After this HUGE - but well deserved - introduction, we are happy to interview Madson @madsonembaixador, a charming and very open Brazilian, with a big smile and very positive energy.

Marajo Island - Madson

Tell us about your story.

I was born and grew up here in Marajó. I used to write for a local newspaper and also worked promoting local events. That is how I end up becoming a promoter of the Marajó island.

I usually welcome celebrities and tv channels visiting the island and show them the main attractions here, as well as the secret and hiden places that only locals know.

Due my activities of promoting the island, I end up very well known here and received the tittle of Marajó´s Ambassador, which I am very proud of. 

I dream to see Marajó at higher position within the tourism industry. A tourism that is sustainable and respectful with our environment.

Marajo beach

What makes you feel free and happy?

It is a great feeling to be connected with the nature here and and the energy that comes from this land is simply an unexplainable. The island is charming and it is where I fell myself closer to God.

What you most like about Marajó 

I love swimming at Paracauari river. I also like walking on the streets, collecting mangos and watching the bulls, since they walk free on the streets of the island. The peace of mind of living here is simply marvelous and the people is welcoming and warm-hearted.

Tell us something crazy you have done.

I do not like radical adventures but once I flew with an ultralight aircraft over the beaches of my city (called Soure). That was a tremendous experience. To see this place from a bird perspective was worth it the fear I felt.

marajo beach

Places one should not miss when at Marajó.

You should not miss the paradisiacal beaches, with Brazilian-style beach bars, where you can have a refreshing coconut water and enjoy the beach that oscillates from sweet and salty water due the Atlantic Ocean influence.

Also it worth a visit to a farm. They produce the buffalo cheese. It is a delicious and a local cheese. You will only find it here.

Finally, to enjoy an evening at Carimbó party, a typical local dance with a happy but sensual style.

A message you would like to leave to the readers.

We have to preserve the island, so that its beauty and uniqueness will be there for the next generations. I wanna finish with the words of a famous Brazilian poet called Carlos Drummond: "The Marajo is a fantastic thing, you got to see it... and after seeing it, you still wont believe it. You see it, feel it and experience it. To describe in words is hard". - our free translation.

If you wanna know more about Madson, check his instagram: @madsonembaixador. He is very active and has plenty of nice pictures about Marajó, he promotes the local events and he shows life in general at Marajó Island.

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